"Homes of lasting beauty and value, vibrant communities, exceptional service..."

About Landmark Companies

The Partners of Landmark

Landmark is a diverse real estate company that designs, develops, constructs and manages real estate. We have three areas of expertise: the construction of distinctive, quality homes in attractive New Jersey settings; the enhancement of the quality of life in urban areas by developing vibrant, livable communities; and the rental of convenient, Landmark-built apartments with a high level of tenant service.

Landmark has earned its reputation as one of New Jersey's leading residential development companies by its sustained focus on customer service and satisfaction, its commitment to superior quality construction, and its dedication to planning communities that will continue to grow and thrive. Our relatively small size not only allows us to provide a level of personal service above and beyond those of larger companies, but also enables us to have a more individualized approach to our homes and communities.

An old saying tells us that success has many grandfathers. In the case of Landmark, a better adage could not be found. The managing partners of Landmark are second and third generation builders whose grandparents and parents built the company. They use their proud heritage as an inspiration to create homes and communities of lasting beauty and value.

Landmark also has a unique strength--the diverse educational backgrounds of its principals: Michael Gottlieb is an attorney, Eric Harvitt is an engineer, and Joel Schwartz is an architect and planner. Their varied skills give them a crucial edge in working with townships and clients in the increasingly complicated environment of real estate development, from negotiating the approval process to laws affecting zoning and redevelopment.

In the years to come, Landmark pledges to continue building distinctive homes and thriving communities whose appeal will last generations. Whether you are looking for the convenience and ease of apartment living, a beautiful and classic new home, or a revitalizing design for an urban neighborhood, Landmark offers you the best in service and quality. We welcome you to the growing community of homeowners, municipalities, and renters who are a part of the Landmark family, and to the lasting satisfaction of living in a Landmark.