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If you are looking to rent an apartment in New Jersey, consider the convenience, affordability, and superior service of Landmark Rentals. Our Landmark-built apartments are impeccably maintained, thoughtfully designed, and conveniently located. With over 2100 rentals in New Jersey, Landmark has the apartment that is right for you.

Apartment Rentals

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Landmark Homes develops and constructs distinctive single - family residences in many of the most attractive communities of New Jersey. From superior construction materials and techniques, to modern amenities and beautifully landscaped, tree-lined streets, Landmark's attractive townscapes and high-value housing reflect our commitment to quality and exceptional design. Our award-winning homes and communities reflect our individualized approach, in which we seek to personalize each design by incorporating factors such as the values of a community, the topography of the land, and local history.

Enduring beauty and value are at the heart of every Landmark Home. If you are searching for an exceptional, quality home, whose appeal will last generations, look no further than Landmark.


Landmark Communities can make your urban neighborhood revitalization project a success. Our award-winning downtown redevelopments have created vibrant mixed-use communities throughout New Jersey, stimulating economic growth while providing beautiful and functional places to live and work.